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Photo Album 2009

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Day One:  Ready to Learn


Speaker Scott D. discusses what the universe is made of with Mariah.


Dartmouth graduate student Scott D. begins his talk.


Caitlin asks speaker Scott D. about the space-time continuum.


Speaker Scott D. explains redshift to Mariah



Mrs. Cheever ponders the universe.  



Sarah updates her wiki page on black holes.


Alice documents her new knowledge of Planck time on the class wiki.


Cynthia increases her knowledge of Einstein's theory of relativity.


Caitlin and Alice


Prof. Smith prepares to begin his talk on particle physics.


The class looks at a part of the BLAST detector with Prof. Smith.



Alice presents her page on Planck Time to the class.



Cynthia explain's Einstein's equation to the class.



Caitlin described the Doppler effect to her classmates.



Speaker Sara W. meets Caitlin to discuss the early universe.



 Dr. Hair presents physicist playing cards to Dartmouth graduate student and speaker Sara W.



Sara illustrates the size of the early universe.


To see photos of the class field trip to Bates Linear Accelerator, click on Field Trip Photos 2009

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