The fate of the Universe 2008

The End of the Universe 


There are many theories about the end of the universe.  Some of the most notable are the big crunch and the big freeze.  Each on of these ideas is built up on scientific evidence that points towards that idea.


The Big Crunch:

The big crunch as you might think is the opposite of the big bang.  In stead of the universe expanding every where it will shrink every where.  However it will not happen all at once but instead it will gradually start shrinking and finally crunch.   Another thing that goes along with this theory is that there could be a cycle- a big bang then a crunch a bang then a crunch ad so on.


Big Freeze:

As we know the universe is constantly getting colder (as opposed to the temperature that it was at the big bang).  The big freeze theory is more less a theory that states that it will eventually get too cold to sustain life and then too cold for the universe to continue expanding.  The theory doesn’t really say anything about if the universe will collapse or if it will just stop expanding.


Some other less well known theories include:


The Big Bounce:

The theory basically says there a many universe (like the multi-verse theory) and that we will eventually suck in another universe or another universe will suck us in because of the tremendous gravity that a universe has.



The Multi-Verse/ no complete end:

This theory uses the multi-verse theory and it says that since there are multiple universe all existing in parallel so that each one will have a different fate and they will never all end.  So this says that the universe will never completely end.