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Weak Nuclear Force 2008

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Weak Nuclear Force


Weak Force, or Weak Interaction** is the fundamental force interaction between quarks, quarks and leptons and leptons. It is conducted by bosons. Unlike gravity, the strong force and the electromagnetic force the weak interaction is the only type that interacts noticeably with all particles.



The weak force is conducted by heavy gauge bosons. Because of their large mass, the bosons have a half life of 3×10−27 seconds, and therefore decay before interacting with other matter, most traveling less than 10−18 meters.



There are three states of the weak interaction: positively charged, negatively charged and neutral. A heavy lepton can emit W and Z bosons and convert into a neutrino. Additionally, if a charged boson interacts with a quark, it can change the quark's flavor.



The W boson insures that higher generations of fermions decay into our friends the up and down quarks and the electron and electron neutrino. The weak force also causes beta decay. Bosons, because of their short half life, decay into particles after being emitted from fermions and hadrons.







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