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Tachyons 2012

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Tachyons are hypothetical particles that always moves faster than the speed of light. Tachyons were given their name by Gerald Feinburg in 1967 after the greek word "tachys" which means fast, speedy. The main problem with the whole idea of Tachyons is that they defy Einstein's theory of relativity which states that no object can move faster than the speed of light. Einstein states that as the speed of an object increases the amount of energy  increases, however with tachyons it is the opposite. As a Tachyon's speed increases the energy of decreases which defies the Theory of Relativity. Because the theory states that no object can go faster than the speed of light a Tachyons would be forbidden to slow down below "C" (the speed of light) because to go above or below the speed of light you need infinite energy which Tachyons don't have. Due to the property of having theoretical faster than light speeds many scientists have said that Tachyons could be use for conversations taking place between past and present.

Tachyons were originally discovered at the OPERA(Oscillation Project with Emulsion -tRacking  Apparatus) in Italy. about 730 Km away from the OPERA labs in Gran Sasso, Italy, Cern send a beam of neutrinos tothe OPERA labs. The trip usually took about 2.4 Milliseconds to go from Geneva to Gran Sasso. For three years the time it took to send neutrinos from point A to point B had always been about the same time, but on this day the particles arrives 60 billionths of a second, because of this irregularity scientists figured that something different must have come through the machine. If the results from the labs at Gran Sasso are correct than the theory of relativity will no longer be accurate, this is a problem because the famous equation E=MC^2 has been a cornerstone for man’s comprehension of the universe.

Since Tachyons have the ability to carry data at a speed that would allow for paradoxes to occur much like ones that have occurred in Sci-Fi movies throughout the years. In movies and television tachyons are used for time travel or traveling at extreme speeds. Star Trek, the famous television series and string of movies that took place in the 90's was a prime example of possible usage for the theoretical particle. The Star Trek wiki has a rather large article on Tachyons describing how the particle first came into being and this massive back story. Its basic purpose tho was to take the ships from point A to point B faster than the speed of light.

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