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Unbalancing of matter and antimatter 2012

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There is a such a strange question that the our universe is not balanced today: the matter and the antimatter is not balanced in the universe.

Antiparticles look and behave just like their corresponding matter particles, except they have opposite charges. For instance, a proton is electrically positive whereas an antiproton is electrically negative. Gravity affects matter and antimatter the same way because gravity is not a charged property and a matter particle has the same mass as its antiparticle.


There are several parts in the universe that there are the part that only has matter and some parts with only antimatter. They don't touch each other

and they can't because when a matter particle and antimatter particle meet, they annihilate into pure energy in mainly the form of light and electromagnetic wave.


Why there is still matter in our world? When matter and antimatter come together they form energy that is mainly in the form of gamma rays and light. So our universe would be a place full of light waves. But it is not. We are now living in a world full of matter and that should not be happened if at first the amount of the matter and the antimatter are the same. And the result is that they are not in the same amount.

hydrogen and anti-hydrogen


And here are my guesses:

1. Actually matter and antimatter is balanced but we can't observe it because the light "particle" is antiparticle so the light is "antilight" that we cannot abserve. And the energy and wave it has will also annihilate with the positive ones.

2. The matter "very far away from us" is actually from the former universe. There is some observation that is more than 14,000 light years away from us that would never exsist according to the big bang. I think the universe has no "initial time" and there are cycles according to the balance between matter (antimatter) and energy. The start of the big bang that we are thinking of is just the minimum amount of matter (antimatter) and the maximum of energy. So we observed more matter than there is in the universe now.






This is a big topic of research in cosmology, today.


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